новости » Prague is world's safest capital for childbirth

But the nation as a whole trails behind Scandinavia and Japan Prague, May 7 (ČTK) — Prague has the lowest infant mortality rate among the capital cities of the world, daily Právo writes today, referring to the latest State of the World’s Mothers annual report released by the Save the Children international organization traditionally before Mother's Day. Prague leads this statistics, followed by Stockholm, Oslo and Tokyo, Lisbon and Helsinki. However, the average infant mortality in the Czech Republic is higher than in Sweden, Norway, Japan and Finland. Rather surprisingly, the last position in the infant death rates in 25 high-income capitals is occupied by Washington. According to the 2015 Mother's Index Rankings released by Save the Children, Scandinavian countries occupy the five highest positions, with Norway as the leader. The mother's index consists of five factors - maternal health (lifetime risk of maternal death), children's well-being (under-5 mortality rate), educational status (standard number of years of formal schooling), economic status (GDP per capita) and political status (women's participation in national government). The Czech Republic is in the 25th position of the 179 assessed countries, Právo writes, noting that this is better than Poland (28th), Japan (32nd) and the United States (33rd). Singapore, New Zealand and Canada are the only non-European countries with higher ranking than the Czech Republic. The worst positions in the index rankings are occupied by the countries of Central and West Africa. The 2015 report by the Save the Children organization, called The Urban Disadvantage, concludes that "one of the worst places in the world to be a mother is in an urban slum" and that a growing proportion of child deaths are occurring in urban slums. The report extensively analyses health disparities between rich and poor children in cities Read more: http://praguepost.com/prague-news/47654-prague-is-world-s-safest-capital-for-childbirth#ixzz3mZU2AQdW Follow us: @praguepost on Twitter | praguepost on Facebook